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We all know that extractions aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite part of a facial, but the benefits will keep you from turning them down.  While they may be slightly painful, this procedure is well worth it for your skin’s health.  Here are some reasons to make you reconsider not skipping your monthly facial.

First extractions are necessary to remove blackheads from the skin.
No one wants those pesky small black dots to appear on their skin.  They are formed when pores are clogged with dead surface cells, sebum (oil), and debri.  The dark color appears when this clogging buildup is exposed to air (oxygen). Blackheads are hard to remove and I do not recommend trying this at home due to potential scarring.  However they can be easily removed by your aesthetician.

Second Everyone wants clean skin, right?  Extractions help clear the pores by dislodging oil and dirt.  This is everyday “stuff” that builds up in the pores, i.e. make up, oil, dirt, etc.  Sometimes it takes a little more than our cleanser, toner, and serum to eliminate all traces.  That’s where our monthly facials with extractions come in.  It’s also important to keep those pores clean in order to get the most benefit from the products in your skin care regimen.

Third Who likes unwanted or unexpected breakouts?  They always seem to pop up at the most inopportune time too.  Keeping the pores cleaned on a regular basis, helps prevent these unwanted disasters.  Although tempting, PLEASE DO NOT pick at home!  Wait until your next facial or make an appointment for professional extractions. When you pick, you risk scarring or imploding the bacteria to spread deeper underneath the surface causing an even bigger breakout.   Instead, trust in your aesthetician to safely remove your whiteheads, pustules, and pimples. If not done properly, extractions can have damaging and sometimes permanent effects.

Finally and probably one of the most important benefits you are interested in…SMALLER PORES!
Having your pores full of environmental aggressors, makeup, and more can cause long term effects to your pore size.  If you do not regularly have extractions, the pores, over time, will become larger and larger because they continually fill up.  This is why it’s important to have professional extractions performed on a bi-weekly to monthly basis to ensure that your pores stay clean and empty.  This will actually help them shrink back down and heal, leaving the appearance of smaller pores.  The majority of people do not like having large pores so do something about it by getting extractions!

Your Pores Should Stay Clear for a Few Weeks.
Contrary to our fears, applying makeup the next day won’t tarnish your esthetician’s handiwork. When done properly, your extracted pores should remain clear for a few weeks, but you’ll need to do some maintenance on your end as well.  Cleansing twice a day, and using a pore clearing toner containing an AHA or a BHA will help tremendously.  Try to stay away from super-thick moisturizers (unless recommended by your esthetician) or heavy pore clogging makeup that could cause extra sebum buildup.  Exfoliate weekly, and incorporate a clarifying serum, particularly one with salicylic acid, and a retinol into your product lineup.  With the help of your esthetician and your commitment to a personalized at home skin care regimen, you can improve the appearance and health of your skin.

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